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Manumalo team hurrah
Manumalo Baptist High School during a team hurrah in a game where Manumalo defeated Samoana 61 - 47. [photo: Charity Faatau]
new school bus on trailer
One of 4 brand new school buses that arrived in the territory on Wednesday evening. The arrival of the new school buses will alleviate the lack of transportation for DOE students mainly in the Eastern District. [photo: Oey Ameperosa]
Samoan Fa'afafine Association
Nashville, TENNESSEE — Tennessee recently passed legislation that bans drag from being performed in public spaces, as well as in the view of children. Although Tennessee is the first state to enact such a ban, it is unlikely to be the last, as others with conservative legislatures are currently...
Lupelele ECE students
Lupelele ECE students eagerly waiting for the Transportation Evacuation drill to start. The Transportation Evacuation drill was set up to teach students on evacuating a bus in a calm and orderly fashion.  [photo: Oey Ameperosa]
car accident with police on the scene
A two-car accident in Utulei yesterday morning led to backed up traffic in both lanes. Police are currently investigating the cause of the accident. [photo: Charity Faatau]
children at Transportation Evacuation Drill
Several little cuties who took part in the Transportation Evacuation Drill held in Utulei earlier this week.  [photo: Charity Faatau]
Seniors at Disability Awareness Month wave
 Seniors pose for the Samoa News camera at the Territorial Administration on Aging (TAOA) Office in the Tafuna Lion’s Park area during an Awareness Wave that was held yesterday to promote March as Disability Awareness Month. [Photo: Julie Pau’u]
Tuna boat unloading
Nouméa, NEW CALEDONIA — Efforts are being made to ensure Pacific nations can cope with changing tuna migration patterns in the region. Tuna migrations are already happening due to climate change and will become more pronounced over the next 30 to 40 years, bringing multi-million dollar impacts to...
Lupelele singers
O se vaaiga i alo ma fanau o le aoga tulaga muamua a le Lupelele, I se tasi o a latou polokalama i le faatauaina o le Gagana Samoa. E pei ona ta’ua e le faiaoga ia Anamarie Vai-Tuivaiti, “O lenei vaiaso sa mafai e le fanau ona faitau manino, iloilo uiga o upu ma fuaiupu o loo tā’ua mai I le pese....
Manumalo Science Fair winners
Manumalo Academy proudly recognizes its AS-DOE Elementary Science Fair winners: (left- right) Yoon Seo Pyo — 1st place in Physics in 6-8 category; Falagai Fuiava — 1st place in the Engineering 6-8 category; John Mirasol- 1st place in Environmental Science 6-8 category; (front) Jayrielle Mirasol —...