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First Lady joins national campaign to spread Down Syndrome awareness

Gov. Lolo Matalasi Moliga’s wife, First Lady Cynthia Moliga has joined a national campaign called “Light the Way” following a letter from the wife of the governor of New Jersey.


According to a story posted this week on the ASG website, Mrs. Moliga  recently received a letter from Mrs. Mary Pat Christie of New Jersey, inviting Mrs. Moliga to join the 2013 ‘Light the Way’ campaign to spread awareness of recent revolutionary advances being made to empower individuals with Down Syndrome.


The letter inspired Mrs. Moliga to  initiate and promote the campaign by decorating the Governor’s mansion with blue ribbons.


The First Lady says her approach is to implement outreach programs that will not just tackle one issue, but multiple concerns that surround the territory and this will definitely include advocating for individuals with disabilities.


“By this time next year, American Samoa will join the list of states and territories that are in full support of the ‘Light the Way’ campaign that recognizes our special citizens with Down Syndrome and inspire their loved ones in their continued efforts to advance cognitive research,” Mrs. Moliga is quoted in the story.