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Five charts about climate change

Two new reports highlight the alarming consequences of staying our current course.

Two major organizations released climate change reports this month warning of doom and gloom if we stick to our current course and fail to take more aggressive measures.

A World Bank report imagines a world 4 degrees warmer, the temperature predicted by century's end barring changes, and says it aims to shock people into action by sharing devastating scenarios of flood, famine, drought and cyclones.

Meanwhile, a report from the US National Research Council, commissioned by the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and other intelligence agencies, says the consequences of climate change--rising sea levels, severe flooding, droughts, fires, and insect infestations--pose threats greater than those from terrorism ranging from massive food shortages to a rise in armed conflicts.

Christopher Mims and Stephanie Gruner Buckley - Christopher Mims is the science and technology correspondent for Quartz. Stephanie Gruner Buckley is Quartz's Europe editor.