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Flag Day preps underway, including Island Wide cleanup

At the cabinet meeting last week, Governor Lolo suggested to the Flag Day Committee to hold two heats for the fautasi race, and then have the final race on Thursday, the day before the territory’s 115th Flag Day. In response, Western District Governor, Lualemaga Faoa said that he would speak with the captains about the request.


However, Lualemaga noted that the Governor had wanted Flag Day to be a one day event and dedicated to the Veterans who served and are currently serving.


The suggestion for a two-heat fautasi race, with a different day for the final race, has since not been honored by the fautasi captains (see elsewhere for story for full details).


However, the Flag Day program will kick off April 12, 2015, with the annual service in the afternoon, and then a whole week of festivities. There will also be a trade fair between the two Samoas hosted by the Department of Commerce on Friday evening.


For Flag Day, Friday, April 17, numerous guests have been invited to attend and some of them have confirmed their attendance, while others have not, says Governor’s Chief of Staff Fiu Johnny Saelua.


At the cabinet meeting, he noted that those who have confirmed their participation are his highness Samoa's Head of State; Samoa’s Prime Minister; the Indonesian Ambassador to the US; the head of Tokelau, Ulu o Tokelau; the High Commissioner for Niue to New Zealand, and the New Zealand High Commissioner in Samoa.


The first performers for the Pese and Siva will be from Manu’a tele — Olosega/Sili —  followed by the villages of Masausi/Sailele, then Nua and Seetaga. Following the three districts, there will be the siva ma pesa performed by the Veterans, and then the Don Bosco crew will give the finale performance of the day.




The last island wide clean up will be Friday, April 10, according to the  Island Wide Clean-Up Committee (IWCC), Chairman, Utu Abe Malae. He pointed out during the cabinet meeting last week that before then, businesses and building owners are asked to power wash or remove mold and mildew from buildings in clear view of the roads. There will be Flag Day welcome banners installed at the airport, Utulei and elsewhere.


Regarding decorations, the theme colors are red, white and blue and ASG employees were urged to please decorate their areas and “do not paint the rocks.”


 Utu pointed out that the people continue to litter. ”Education, outreach, Power Point presentations, radio ads—they can only go so far,” he said. “You need enforcement and the police are the enforcers.”


At the cabinet meeting, Utu also asked the Deputy DPS Commissioner Vaimaga Maiava to please patrol the area between McDonald’s and the School Lunch buildings because of the trash that accumulates there.


“Big improvements are noticeable in Pago Pago Harbor and the Pala Lagoon,” he said. “It’s noticeable right after a rainstorm… fewer white styrofoam pieces floating in the ocean.”


ASPA also urges the public to join them every Wednesday morning, when they meet at ASPA and designate an area where they walk along the roadside to clean up litter.