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 landslide that blocked traffic from both sides in Amouli
Dept. of Public Works staff was out removing debris from a landslide that blocked traffic from both sides in Amouli earlier this week. Heavy rains have deluged the Territory over that last several weeks, bringing the dangers of flooding and landslides to American Samoa during what is known as its ‘...
Trees and debris after landslide near home in Afao
Pago Pago, AMERICAN SAMOA — A family in Afao barely escaped with their lives Wednesday evening when a landslide came down near their home around 5pm during the heavy rains. “I heard a roar like water gushing and then I heard the glass louvres breaking from the back room and saw dirt flying past our...
ASPA crew members clearing tree branches that fell on top of lines behind Samoa News
ASPA crewmembers cutting large tree branches which fell on to power lines behind the Samoa News building around 5:30a.m. yesterday following a minor landslide. The island has been drenched with heavy rains in the past few days.  [photo: FS]