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Language of loss in church memorial for Slacks Creek fire victims

Loss speaks all languages, and so does love. Last night's five-hour memorial service for the six members of the Lale family lost in the Slacks Creek house fire of August 24...was delivered mostly in the Samoan language but filled with moments of universal understanding: a grandmother's tears; an uncle choking back his words; the hopeful harmonies of Pacific island children, somehow bringing optimism and light in a deeply saddening setting.Hundreds of guests filling the Hillsong church complex at Mt Gravatt wore black T-shirts with the words \In loving memory\ above the names of Neti Lale, 42, and her five children, Jerry, 18, Paul, 17, Lafoa'i, 14, Sela, 10, and Richie, 8. The back of the shirts read: \Rest in Peace.\Click to read moe of the story at Courier-Mail