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American Samoa residents “Keeping It Sane” in quarantine

Scene outside her hotel room window

Honolulu, HAWAII — Samoa News understands that returning residents in the Hawaii quarantine, awaiting the repatriation flight back to American Samoa are basically confined to their rooms. Meals are brought to them in their rooms, by ‘someone’ wearing full hazmat coverings. Part of the precautions enacted while in quarantine.

They are all trying to stay healthy — both physically and mentally — in their rooms by doing creative activities, not just watching television.

For Wayne Pila, who is in quarantine with his wife Pua, it’s been a long journey home. They’ve been stranded in the U.S since the borders closed in March 2020. Pila is painting scenes from the balcony of their room at the Ohana Waikiki Hotel, the current location of the quarantine for Repatriation Flight #3. Enjoy… a glimpse from quarantine…

Another glimpse from quarantine. [Courtesy photo]