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AROUND TOWN — Rugby League World Cup frenzy

Downtown Fagatogo

Pago Pago, AMERICAN SAMOA — Samoans all over the world are gearing up for the Rugby League World Cup, where Toa Samoa will be playing for the first time against defending champions Australia and the game will be held tomorrow in England. Dora Luamanu and Julie Pauu spoke to people around town about the upcoming World Cup.

NERU SOLI, 67 Nuuuli

Thank you Samoa News for this great opportunity, I believe the Toa Samoa are ready for their final game against Australia. I’m going to share their burden in their upcoming battle.  I also want to congratulate the Toa Samoa about their game against England, Just want to let you guys know that we are praying for you guys to play smart and win that battle.Always put God first, and nothing will go wrong.


We are rooting for you Toa Samoa. Let God be your guide on that field. Win or lose, always thank our Heavenly Father for putting you where you are now.

It is the first time Samoa has reached such a milestone of making it to the Rugby World Cup. My last message is good luck to both teams, and always put God first.

HEIDI S ROSE 46, Pavaiai

“May your game be a success, may you win for your team, but also for Samoa. We are rooting for you from American Samoa. Alo i ou faiva Toa, outou mama na and remember to stay humble, do your best and work as a team.