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Cool Stuff: DJI Spark & Fritz

Honolulu, HAWAII — The DJI Spark is a wonderful low cost family drone that will preserve magic moments and save you plentee tala.   Originally at $499, the price has dropped dramatically to a much happier $399.

The Spark’s distance range is not like Phantom 4 Pro, Mavic Pro, or the DJI’s latest Mavic Air... but you don’t need the big expense and risk of long distance flight for fun family stuff.  

Cool Stuff’s beloved Mavic Pro is still swimming with the fishes in Maunalua Bay... battery, software & long distance were at odds that day.

On aerial turns, the DJI’s Spark’s two axis gimble is not quite as smooth video capture as the three axis gimble $799-$1,200 Mavics (Pro & Air) or $1,800 Phantoms.

Fritz’s Fotoeyeland and staff are located in the center of Apia’s largest government agricultural market. They will serve your Upolu, Manono and Savaii family photo needs with good value and quality.  For an extra dime, maybe your Aiga Apolima too.

Update:  The DJI Spark was the all-star for Father’s Day as we were all dressed up in our Eveni Caruther’s bestest island attire...but no photographer to capture this special family moment.
The DJI Spark flew in for the rescue, and thanks to a big gust, almost into Winnie Cool Stuff’s face.  We got (in Winnie’s case) literally in your face still shots, aerial stills, video and fly away shots....all so much better than a smart phone selfie.
The colors of our island styles and background were vivid but true.  These are forever keeper shots...which as usual...for a few shots of Scotch at Evalani’s or Sadie’s by the Sea are yours to peruse (and get some free drone tips too).
Your DJI Spark is eagerly awaiting your pickup at Best Buy, 478 Alakawa St, Honolulu, HI 96817 ((808) 525-7182)...but your favorite Samoan Techie isn’t.  The ultimate caring helpful guy, American Samoa’s own Edgar Gebauer, will now help you sell or buy a house in Hawaii...which last time I checked is a few tala more than a $399 DJI Spark.
I reckon, you buy a house from Edgar, maybe the seller will toss in a Best Buy DJI Spark, Mavic Pro or Phantom 4 Pro version 2.0!
Breaking News from DJI: Big unveiling of something July 18th in New York City.  A DJI Mavic Pro 2?  Mavic Air 2?  Phantom 5?  Will Cool Stuff be invited?  Can we Coolios budget enough this month to run to Best Buy to grab one July 19th?  Its all good fun, eh?