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Cool Stuff: Litefighter 1 — One Righteous Tent

The Litefighter 1 Tent

Honolulu, HAWAII — The Litefighter 1 Tent is most likely the tent that protects our active duty nephews, sons, cousins, nieces, Moms & Dads from the elements when deployed. 

Litefighter 1 is an American made high quality product from a veteran owned (Dept of Defense approved) tent manufacturing company that always gets it right.  Its 4 lbs light & strong, its rainproof, wind resistant staked, it reduces cold with an extra accessory... its Cool Stuff's go to tent next tsunami, earthquake, flood or cyclone I cover for national/international news networks.

I own a camo and a coyote tan colored Litefighter 1, both assembled from military surplus and new parts. What do you expect from a mativa Savaii guy? The added benefit of Litefighter is that it is thoughtful by selling parts and accessories, even including a pole repair tube for field repairs.

A spanking new Litefighter 1 is $334, I paid $34 for a damaged unit from a military surplus store. You will probably get one for free in perfect condition unit from one of your active duty relatives. 

Litefighters are last forever heirloom camping and survival gear that are well worth the investment spread over the years.

Try a Litefighter 1 from your active duty relatives, then like me, buy direct from Litefighter the two person tent as it will accommodate your gear, and healthy Samoan sized big bodies. It only cost $50 more on the current sale and only weighs 2 lbs more (at 6 lbs).

Cool Stuff has spoken direct to Litefighter employees...they are sincere caring folks.

Cool Stuff & Family pray for a better year for us all and the safety of your family.  Manuia le tausaga fou