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First group of quarantined residents in Honolulu ready to fly home

Volunteers packaging up food and supplies for stranded residents.

Honolulu, HAWAII — After their last test results came in yesterday — ALL NEGATIVE — the American Samoa residents quarantined in Honolulu, Hawaii are now all eager and excited for the weekend to be over, so they can finally board the Hawaiian Airlines flight and be on their way home — to be with their families, after the 14-Day quarantine at the Tradewinds Hotel after they arrive in American Samoa. 

During their stay in the Honolulu quarantine, the 159 residents received a lot of help from the ASG-DoH team, which is spearheading the quarantine effort — ASG-Hawaii Office, the Tagata Tutu Faatasi Alliance (TTFAAS), the Le Fetuao Samoan Language Center and it's Hawaii partners, and also from the many families and friends living in Oahu.

“The quarantined residents are also grateful to the ASG Task Force, all who are involved in working tirelessly to bring them home safely,” according to TTFAAS.

On Sunday, the quarantined residents were all treated to a delicious home cooked umu, done by the ASG-Hawaii Office, who are working to provide the 3-meals a day for the quarantined residents.

Donations comprising bottled water, food, gloves for the DoH team, sanitizers and masks were just some of the "goodies" to help ease the quarantine stay.

The donation of the 10 boxes of XL gloves for the Honolulu ASG-DOH team was funded from the TTFAAS Go Fund Me Account, 

"The Alliance leadership team saw the need that our ground workers needed XL gloves. It’s been a long time since we actually used the GoFundMe," stated TTFAAS President Eileen Tyrell on her post on the Alliance's Facebook Page. 

In response to all the donations by various organizations and individuals, all of the residents expressed their heartfelt gratitude,

"Not enough words to explain how very appreciative we are for all the generous support and donations brought forth. Viia le Alii, ia saga faamanuia pea le Atua mea ua tou foai ma alolofa mai (God bless you all for all the kind donations)," posted one quarantined resident on the Alliance Facebook page. 

Heartfelt gratitude is expressed on social media to Gov. Lemanu Peleti Palepoi Sialega Mauga and Lt. Gov Eleasalo Va'alele "Salo" Ale, the ASG COVID Task Force and the DoH- American Samoa — for their courage and love in authorizing repatriation flights to bring the stranded residents home — who, for some have been stranded in the United States for more than a year.