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People from all around the world sign up for online Pacific dance courses

Announcement of Samoa Siva lessons online
Source: Pacific Beat

Sydney, AUSTRALIA — The global pandemic has caused a lot of challenges for businesses but, it's also created opportunities.

At their Sydney studio Matavai Pacific Cultural Arts teach the fundamentals of pacific culture through dance, language, music and creative arts.

The pandemic forced Matavai to close their studio doors but, the teaching is still happening

On the weekend, they launched a 9-week course of online Pacific dance classes from Samoa, Tonga, Fiji, Tahiti, Hawaii and Maori traditions.

People from all around the world have signed up to these online courses - some wanting to learn about their Pacific roots, some to learn the choreography, some for fitness and some to support this Pacific business during the global pandemic.

Maryjane McKibbin Schwenke is the co-director of Matavai Pacific Cultural Arts and the teacher of the Samoan Taualuga Beginners open aged course which ABC's Tahlea Aualiitia has signed up to.

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