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Tribute to Fa'atausala "Sala" Solomona-Tarrant

Fa'atausala "Sala" Solomona-Tarrant

Yucca Valley, CALIFORNIA — HEY LISTEN!?. If you were ever hit with those two words, than you knew. Fa'atausala "Sala" Solomona-Tarrant was usually following it with an important ask or some type of uncomfortable task at the time seemed debatable.

On February 18th, 1948, born in the village of Leone, American Samoa had the difficult task and honor to be the first born of 9 siblings. On Thursday December 9th, 2021 with her children present to see her off, Departed into eternal life, joining her two brothers, parents, and countless other close loved ones. Her spirit and legacy is continued on with her 3 children, 4 surviving step children, 6 surviving siblings, several grandchildren, and extended family of relations and friends from every walk of life.

We were taught a valuable lesson from "Sala." No matter the history, regardless of past indiscretions, you still deserve to have family. She showed us that "blood makes you related, loyalty makes you family."

Devoted to God, and if you have had the pleasure, heard the "freestyle" version of church hymns on Sunday mornings that would steal your attention and some of the reason you'd attend church. At any opportunity, would capitalize even if it meant sending grandkids to pick up lemons dropped onto the freeway regardless of their safety or apprehension. But could always be relied upon if love or shelter was needed, without judgement or any labels.

If you had the honor she would refer to you as her grandchild and if you had the privilege could witness her stretch a dollar and resources as if she was a magician, knowing there were so many of us counting on her. She was your biggest supporter anytime you strived for greatness, even if it meant for her to be there in her times of illness.

She will be remembered, celebrated, and given her final farewell at 10 AM on Sunday January 2nd, 2022 by her surviving family and friends (Also any other people she would love to have met).

Dress comfortably and wear something of maroon color if possible. Please join us to share your best memories,respects or attend to just reflect with us on our beloved mother, wife, grandmother, sister, and all around superhero; Fau'tausala "Sala" Solomona-Tarrant. Look forward to seeing everyone. Thank you