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Continuation of popular Aiga Series released: Pintail Foundation

The newest release from local author Lynn Pulou-Alaimalo is Pintail Foundation, the second installment to her Aiga Series. See story for full details.  [courtesy photo]

Aspiring lawyer and published author Lynn Pulou-Alaimalo has done it again: A continuation of her Aiga Series has hit the market, entitled “Pintail Foundation”.

The publication is the second book of the Aiga Series, which was launched in 2015 with “Lovefolds of Our Upbringing”.

Through an email correspondence with Samoa News last week, Pulou-Alaimalo explained that her newest publication is a narrative that is carried through journalism perspectives by each character. “As each child prepares to leave home in pursuit of opportunities, they are vividly reminded of their Samoan foundation — to never forget God, family and culture,” she explained.

When asked about her ‘inspiration’ for writing this second book, Pulou-Alaimalo responded, “I love writing about my Samoan culture, and so very passionate about telling the world of the simple life our ancestors embraced around village and church functions.”

She continued, “That inspired me to introduce the future to our past. I wrote it in hopes of reinforcing a sense of continuity for us as indigenous people in this evolving world.”

The author from Laulii said her writing “pays homage to the past, when life was simpler, centered around village and church functions — an era fondly remembered for its humble practices of fa’alavelaves.”

Pulou-Alaimalo said our ancestors, valued culture and relationships more than wealth. “Our children must not forget that,” she said.

When asked about her ultimate goal, as far as her published works are concerned, Pulou-Alaimalo said her goal is to “keep writing and improving.”

She is a mother, an Army wife, an aspiring attorney, and a full-time education counselor for the US Army. With the little extra time she has, she attends law school (she’s half way through her first year), and writes.

 “I am really humbled by the positive response to my work,” she said, adding that she recently received word that her books will be used in World Language classrooms off island, during this school year.

Her first publication, “Lovefolds of Our Upbringing” is an award candidate for the Writer’s Digest Annual Awards. Her books are available for purchase at SSAB Pago in Tafuna and will also be available at Rita’s Fashion in the independent state of Samoa.

Those who want to purchase online may do so, on

 “Without God, none of this would’ve been possible,” she shared. “I thank and praise Him first and always. Fa’afetai Samoa News for your endless support.”

Pulou-Alaimalo expressed gratitude to all her reviewers and supporters, including her parents Tavita and Nuuuli Pulou, and her spiritual parents Reverend Gatai and Talagafa Masau.

“Faafetai Amerika Samoa and my home sweet home: Lauli’i. O faiva e tapuaia, e manuia,” she concluded.

Pulou-Alaimalo is a graduate of Faasao Marist High School and currently lives in Tomah, Wisconsin with her husband, SFC Christopher Uperesa Alaimalo and their daughter Cyncere.

Malo lava Lynn!