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Cool Stuff: Mufi, Vibrant & Happy

Mufi Hannemann, President & CEO of the Hawaii Lodging & Tourism Association meets with travel folk and Hawaii State Legislators on a daily basis to advocate for Hawaii's success. [Photo by Barry Markowitz, 3/31/16]

It appears to be a powerful and influential politician, you don't always have to be sitting in elected office. Everybody in Hawai’i and Samoa knows the name, Mayor Mufi Hannemann. Fading quick from memory are the names of former Governor Neal Abercrombie and maybe even current Governor David Ige. Mufi has an incredible practical approach to solutions that has even former opponents drawn to him for advice. It may be done quietly, and they may walk away adopting Mufi's concepts as of their own making... but Mufi doesn't seem to care. He is getting things done and serving the people of Hawaii with less stress and public drama. Cool Stuff had a chance to watch Mufi interact with tourism folk last week in a private meeting. Out of this one-hour meeting I saw the magic that defines Mufi. Cool Stuff witnessed smarts, commonsense leadership, and 35 years of national/international connections unleashed. Those in the room were spellbound and speechless how Mufi made everything click...with amazing simplicity and commonsense. Why was Cool Stuff allowed anywhere near this meeting? Both Samoas will be offered guaranteed event invites when, as Cool Stuff expects, the results of this meeting are solidified. Event invites also equates to guaranteed tala and opportunities. It’s all hush, hush, QT, top secret and confidential for now... but just remember... while Mufi is advocating and succeeding for Hawai’i, he also has your back... with joy and enthusiasm.