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Admin establishes IT office through executive order

EOB building
It will serve the Executive Branch and other agencies by request

Pago Pago, AMERICAN SAMOA — Through an executive order, Acting Gov. Talauega Eleasalo V. Ale established the Technology Office, within the Governor’s Office, and it will be led by a manger who shall provide technology service to the Governor’s Office and other Executive Branch agencies on request.

According to the Sept. 2nd order, the Technology Office shall develop service agreements with executive branch departments and agencies to ensure quality products and services are delivered as scheduled and budgeted.

It points out that the Executive Branch currently does not have a centralized information technology office, and information technology is key part of government operations, and a full time information technology staff plays a vital role in identifying and responding to cyber security threats.

Additionally, information technology and security require full-time support and an information technology office will protect critical infrastructure, promote a unified approach to IT management for executive branch agencies and support stronger  relationship within the Executive Branch and with other partners.

However, the executive order does not mandate that executive agencies must use the Technology Office for their information technology needs, according to a separate news release from the Governor’s Office in establishing this new office.

“As we introduce new technology to American Samoa, as well as focusing on markets such as application development, data collection and transport, it is important to charge an office with this responsibility,” Talauega said in the news release. “These solutions will assist in streamlining government services and one day, allow you to use your phone to pay your bills, set medical appointments, and monitor the progress of your business license application.”

Talauega also says that the initial test of the TALOFAPASS web-system deployed during the most recent Hawaiian Airlines flight was a great display of the local ASG IT team working together to get the work completed.

“I am optimistic and look forward to seeing the great work of the Technology Office and how they will create digital solutions to help ASG better serve the people of the Territory,” he said.

The news release states that the Information Technology (IT) Manager will be responsible for carrying out cyber security protocols, promoting a unified approach to improve E-governance, and building solid partnerships with other IT professionals within ASG.

The executive order states that the manger shall report to the Governor’s Chief of Staff and be supported by staff as needed. The new order repeals two previous executive orders issued in 2010 and 2012.

The IT Manager is Upuese Galoia, who also leads the IT team on the TALOFA PASS web system.