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Amata emphasizes fishing issue at Congressional Western Caucus milestone event

Congresswoman Uifa’atali Amata
Source: Uifa’atali Amata’a Washington D.C. office press release

Washington, D.C. — Congresswoman Uifa’atali Amata emphasized fishing once again Friday before a DC audience and other Members of Congress. She serves as a Vice Chairman of the Congressional Western Caucus, which celebrated reaching 100 Members (now 101 Members) in a press event on U.S. Capitol grounds highlighting that milestone, as the participation rate makes the Western Caucus the second largest issue-based Caucus on Capitol Hill.

The Western Caucus is composed primarily of Members that represent rural Districts, although they span the entire country, including substantial representation in the U.S. Western region. This theme of rural representation enables Congresswoman Amata to establish commonalities between American Samoa and distant congressional districts that encounter similar issues based on their rural or remote locations. These shared issues can include accessing federal services, reliance on a threatened cornerstone industry or other local economic challenges, and incomes that are below national averages.


 “Talofa! Thank you, I appreciate being part of the 100-Member Western Caucus, and standing with these Members representing rural America. The people of American Samoa have much more in common with rural America than you might expect! Like rural America, we are geographically remote, and our people are strong and resilient, and serve in our military at very high rates of enlistment. Even in times of prosperity, we always face economic challenges.

“Now, those challenges have doubled — the administration has announced drastic new restrictions threatening our fishing-based economy in the South Pacific. At the same time, inflation and energy costs have caused the prices of almost everything to rise, and average wages to pay those higher prices are less than even most rural areas in the 50 states. I appreciate the Western Caucus focus on these key issues. Let’s get the cost of shipping down, and make sure rural Americans and the people of American Samoa – where we have many veterans and military families – can afford the necessities of life.

Soifua ma ia manuia. Thank you.”

Western Caucus Chairman Dan Newhouse (WA-04) said, “The Congressional Western Caucus is, without a doubt, the preeminent voice for rural America on Capitol Hill. As Chairman of the Western Caucus, I am honored to lead 100 Members from across the United States to advocate for our rural way of life and serve as champions for these communities who feel they have been left behind by the federal government’s over-reaching laws and burdensome regulatory red tape.”