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American Samoa Election News 2024


Pago Pago, AMERICAN SAMOA — The American Samoa Election Office confirmed to Uifa'atali Amata on Thursday, June 20, 2024, that her candidacy has been certified and she is on the ballot, making her the first official candidate of 2024. 

Other candidates have announced their bid, for Congress and other positions, but after Amata turned around her paperwork and the required signatures within four days, the Election Office certification, which verifies that all is in order, is the final step in the process. 

The Election Office is a nonpartisan agency led by Chief Election Officer Dr. Uiagalelei Lealofi that is responsible for all aspects of the election rules and proceedings under American Samoa law. 

"It is such an honor to represent the people of American Samoa, so I decided to put all my commitment and energies into qualifying for the ballot as soon as the Election Office made the forms available," said Aumua Amata.

"My reason is that I think next year, and the 119th Congress, are likely to be important for our people, and we're in a region that is getting more attention in Washington every year. The Presidency and majorities could tip either way, depending on the pollster or pundit you listen to that day, but I'm optimistic this election could lead to opportunities ahead.

“In these times I want to help ensure American Samoa is not forgotten in DC."

(Source: Congresswoman Amata’s Office)


Dr. Lauagaia Mary Taufetee’s employment contract with the government has been terminated, as of June 6, 2024.

In the termination letter, signed by Gov. Lemanu P.S. Mauga, and addressed to Dr. Mary Taufetee, of which Samoa News has obtained a copy, he thanks Dr. Mary Taufetee for her “contribution to the American Samoa Council on Arts, Culture & Humanities Office” noting it as “invaluable”.

However he states, “While I commend your exemplary service to the American Samoa Government as well as to the people of our Territory, the American Samoa Code Annotated 4.0102 clearly states that your continued employment with ASG would be inconsistent with the law.

“As such, your employment contract is terminated, effective immediately.”

Gov. Lemanu concludes, “Please ensure that any pending matters are settled, and all personal effects are cleared from your office one week from the date of the letter.”

The American Samoa Code Annotated 4.0102 is the law for Qualifications of Governor and Lieutenant Governor. In Part (f), it states that “Candidates for the offices of Governor and Lieutenant Governor who are employees of the government in whatever capacity and for either the executive, or judicial branches, must resign their position with the government before commencing active campaigning.

“Active campaigning” includes but is not limited to: the acceptance of a petition from the election official charged with that responsibility; any effort whatsoever that is designed to influence or obtain votes from qualified electors; and any activity that would cause a conflict of interest at the candidate’s position of employment with the government.

“In any event, candidates must resign no later than 60 days prior to the election date even if the events above have not occurred.”

Vaitautolu Talia Faafetai Iaulualo and Dr. Lauagaia Mary Taufetee were the first team to publicly announce their candidacy for the 2024 gubernatorial election back in March 2024.

Vaitautolu resigned from his post as Executive Director of the American Samoa Government Employees Retirement Fund in May.

Dr. Lauagaia is a former House Representative for Ituau and, was the Director of the Jean P. Hayden Museum, before becoming the Deputy Director of the American Samoa Arts Council.

She is running for Lt. Governor with Vaitautolu.