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ASCC Admissions Night — helping students & parents navigate the process

ASCC Admissions Outreach Counselor, Katrina Garcia-Helsham helps prospective student Lauama PeseASCC Admissions Officer Elizabeth S. Leuma congratulates spring 2019 graduate Zemirah Pati.
(Source: ASCC media release)

Pago Pago, AMERICAN SAMOA — The Admissions Office at the American Samoa Community College (ASCC) invites high school students, their parents and any interested members of the public to join them for Admissions Night on Wednesday, May 29, in the Auditorium of the College’s Multi-Purpose Center.

The purpose of the event is for the College’s Admissions and Financial Aid Offices to help prospective students start the ASCC admissions process and fill out their Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Representatives from ASCC’s counseling offices will also be on hand to answer any questions about applying to, and attending, ASCC.

“For students applying to ASCC for the first time, as well as their parents, the procedure can seem daunting, which is why we’d like to offer this opportunity to start the admissions process before the summer and fall registration,” said ASCC Admissions Officer Elizabeth S. Leuma.

During Admissions Night, staff will be happy to help students fill out their admissions application and answer questions regarding the ASCC admissions process. Financial Aid personnel will offer similar assistance, and a computer station will be set up for the staff to help students with their parents fill out their FAFSA online.

Leuma explained that she and her staff can best help prospective students fill out their ASCC admission form, provided applicants have the proper documentation with them. “The documents that residents need to show are their passport or local government ID, along with a birth certificate; a social security card; the student’s ACT or SAT scores and high school diploma, if available,” she said. Non-residents are asked to show their Immigration ID, along with their Board Authorization or Immigration Verification.

“The applicants must bring the originals of these documents to complete the admissions process,” she continued. Leuma said completing the admissions process and FAFSA before registration should help students spend less time at the College during registration.

The College’s Admissions, Financial Aid and Counseling offices all come under the aegis of the ASCC Division of Student Services (DOSS), whose mission is to support the educational pursuits of all students attending ASCC by providing high quality services, student access, and learning support.

“We urge high school students, their parents and anyone from the community planning to attend ASCC this summer and the upcoming fall 2019 semester to join us for Admissions Night, as this will help start the admissions and financial aid processes for entering the College and also give them the opportunity to speak directly to the right ASCC staff,” said Dean of Student Services Dr. Emilia Le’i.

For more information on Admissions Night, call 699-9155, ext. 333 or 334.