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ASG seeks to amend land lease with “Nighthawk”

Senators in session

Pago Pago, AMERICAN SAMOA — The Administration has introduced a measure to amend the land lease between ASG and Nighthawk — formerly d/b/a Vanna Grill — for land in Atu’u for a period of 30-years, with provisions of the lease specifically prohibiting the company from operating a ‘nightclub’ on the premises.

Under local laws, any government lease that is 10 years or more is subject to Fono review and endorsement.

According to the measure, in June 2015, ASG (the lessor) and Peni Alenepi, Savana Wulf, and Peter Wulf d/b/a Vanna Grill (the lessee) executed a lease agreement for 9 years ending on Feb. 28, 2024.

In January this year, the Administration submitted for Fono consideration the amendment of the original lease agreement between ASG and Nighthawk — formerly Vanna Grill. The portion of ASG land in Atu’u is known as “Anua”.

The measure states the lessee requested and ASG agreed to extend the lease beyond 9 years for a period of 30-years from Mar. 01, 2015 to Feb. 28, 2045.

The new lease requires the lessee to pay $650 in advance on the first-day of each month, and this began on Oct. 01, 2022. (The original payment was $550.00)

Additionally, the original lease obligation with Vanna Grill is assumed by Nighthawk.

Furthermore, the Lessee shall use the leased premises to operate and establish a ‘Fast Food Establishment, Check Cashing Operation, and Money Transfer’ business and all other activities reasonably related to these uses.

“Lessee is specifically and explicitly prohibited from operating a Nightclub on the premises,” according to provisions of the lease, which says that a nightclub may be defined as a business operation that creates noise that bothers the peaceful enjoyment of other neighboring tenants — including residential homes —  in the area.

No committee hearing is set yet to review this measure.