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ASG Workmen’s Comp now allows reimbursements for certain travel expenses

American Samoa Executive Office Building
Caregiver reimbursement consideration included

Pago Pago, AMERICAN SAMOA — The ASG Workmen’s Compensation Commission (WCC), following a Sept. 23rd meeting has “determined other types of expenses allowable for reimbursement” under workmen’s compensation, according to the Oct. 14th written decision notice signed by WCC Commissioner Sagatea L. Filoialii.

The majority decision and approval by the WCC allows a specific percentage of certain travel expenses for reimbursement under workmen’s compensation, including authorization on the type of expenses considered allowable and unallowable for reimbursement.

The WCC has also authorized the inclusion to allow only one escort or caregiver for reimbursement consideration.


WCC said that all medical supplies, equipment, apparatus, and items purchased out-of-pocket for the treatment of injury by the claimant while traveling abroad for medical treatments will be fully reimbursed.

However, any purchase made through a governmental assistance program (state or federal), insurance program, or any non-profit or third-party organization “will not be reimbursed”.


Total cost of airfare paid by the claimant on his or her airfare alone will be fully reimbursed. For the escort, only 35% of the total cost paid for the airfare alone will be reimbursed. However, if the claimant fails to separate and quantify the actual cost of the escort’s airfare from the total aggregate cost submitted, only 50% of such total cost will be reimbursed to the claimant. The WCC decision also makes clear that travel destinations other than the location of the injurer’s treatment are denied.


For hotel accommodations, WCC says claimant is allowed reimbursement for the purchasing and reservation of only two rooms while costs paid for additional rooms other than the amount allowed are denied for reimbursement.

Purchases paid by the claimant for one room, only 35% will be reimbursed; while purchase for two rooms gets only 25% reimbursement.

If the claimant rented an apartment or housing while abroad for medical treatments, only 45% will be reimbursed to the claimant. And the claimant must provide a copy of a valid lease agreement with the landlord and all actual invoices and receipts of payment made as proof — no exceptions.


For rented vehicles, the WCC decision says that maximum of two rented vehicles per vendor will be allowed for reimbursement.  And that maximum days allowed for reimbursement consideration must not exceed 90 days of rental.

Of the total cost of paid, only 35% will be reimbursed to the claimant. If an invoice indicated more than two rented vehicles purchased and paid, only 15% of such invoice cost will be subjected for reimbursement.

For any taxi or bus fare paid by the claimant, it will be fully reimbursed to the claimant, who must provide actual receipts of payments and invoices on all payment transactions as proof – no exceptions.

If the total cost submitted for reimbursement includes expenses incurred and paid for the escort’s fare, only 50% of the total expense will be reimburse to the claimant. The claimant must provide actual receipts of payments and invoices on all payment transactions as proof – no exceptions.


The decision also details “unallowable travel expenses” for both claimant and escort:

•     All meals and groceries purchased and paid

•     All telecommunication expenses purchased and paid

•     In-kind contributions offered to the claimant

•     Any monetary donations or contribution offered and paid by the claimant

•     Medical expenses and related accommodations paid under any governmental assistance or state-run program, insurance program, or any non-profit or third-party organizations.