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ASTCA CEO will not renew his contract

ASTCA chief executive officer Lewis Wolman

Pago Pago, AMERICAN SAMOA — American Samoa TeleCommunications Authority’s current chief executive officer, Lewis Wolman is not renewing his contract and plans to move to the mainland to be close to his family, says ASTCA board chairman Iulogologo Joseph Pereira.

Wolman, former publisher and owner of Samoa News and long time local resident, took over the CEO post under a one-year contract which expired November 2019. A second contract was signed and is set to expire Apr. 30th this year.

Samoa News understands that Wolman is not seeking a contract renewal at this time.

Responding to Samoa News inquiries, Iulogologo said yesterday that “based on Mr. Wolman’s disclosure, the contact — which expires Apr. 30th — will not be renewed.”

“Mr. Wolman wants to be close to his family now living in Colorado,” said Iulogologo when asked for a reason for not renewing the contract. He also said that the CEO position would be advertised and that by next week the advertisement will be out.

Responding to other Samoa News inquiries, Iulogologo said, “ASTCA is working diligently to complete all its service package for the Community.” He points out that the LTE Service is launched and now available to the community.”

“The dual pronged objective is to improve services and stabilize ASTCA's financial stability. ASTCA is very appreciative of the Governor's commitment relative to maximizing the harnessing of all the economic and social benefits which prompted his decision to invest in the Hawaiki Cable,” said Iulogologo, who is also the governor’s executive assistant.


Iulogologo told Samoa News last August that a “Transition Plan” was being developed for the proposed merging of KVZK-TV — the Office of Public Information — with ASTCA. The Transition Plan would detail the process and appropriate timelines.

Asked about the status of this plan, Iulogologo said yesterday that “ASTCA is dedicating its time and effort to complete all major service projects aimed to improve services which reciprocally enhance its financial posture so it can pay back what it owes ASG” and the American Samoa Economic Development Authority (ASEDA).

Reports of KVZK-TV coming under the auspices of ASTCA first surfaced in 2018. Late last year, after the Hawaiki fiber optic cable became fully operational in the territory, through ASTCA, reports surfaced again that plans for the merger of the two ASG entities would move forward — where KVZK-TV will become a part of ASTCA.