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Capitol Hill News

Amata with her colleague Sen. Dan Sullivan, who is on the Senate Veterans Affairs Committee. [courtesy photo]


Washington, D.C. — Congresswoman Aumua Amata and the House Veterans Affairs Subcommittee on Health held a hearing on Capitol Hill Wednesday to examine ways the VA might improve their hiring practices, and retain good employees.

“I want to thank Chairman Wenstrup and my colleagues on the subcommittee for holding today’s hearing which is so important for improving the services for our veterans,” said Amata. “Veteran’s health concerns are an issue that I hold close to my heart. I represent the territory of American Samoa; and from the Army’s own website, our recruitment depot has the highest recruitment rate out of all 885 recruitment depots.

“I find it quite distressful then that my constituents, who greatly rely on the services of the Department of Veterans Affairs, often have to travel to Hawai’i for medical care. Now, the onus of the blame cannot solely be placed on the Department of Veterans Affairs; it’s failure of action here in Congress that punishes veterans as well.” Amata said. She questioned witnesses, during the hearing, on the best way to attract and retain staff in remote and rural areas, such as American Samoa. 

Specifically, during this hearing, the Subcommittee discussed actions needed to correct deficiencies within VA’s overly complicated hiring processes that hinder the VA’s ability to efficiently and effectively recruit and retain high-quality employees and evaluate how staffing needs at the local level are identified and communicated.

The Subcommittee also examined the recent media reports alleging that the $2.5 billion dollars that Congress provided to increase hiring of clinical personnel across the VA healthcare system did not result in its intent. 


Washington, D.C. — Congresswoman Aumua Amata sent her heartfelt congratulations to Shania Fiu, upon learning of her acceptance to the prestigious Wentworth Military Academy & College for the 2017-18 Academic school year.

“I could not be more proud of Shania, and I look forward to seeing her fulfill her dreams of serving our great nation. Wentworth Military Academy is well known for producing some of the nation’s finest individuals, and I am proud to see a daughter of American Samoa there to represent us,” stated Amata.

Wentworth Academy is located in Lexington, MO, and serves as a preparatory institution for a commission in the National Guard. Upon graduation, after two years of schooling, students receive their commission to serve as an officer in the National Guard. They then must attend a four-year college to complete their bachelor’s degree.