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The Election Office reminds all registered voters who have not picked up their voter ID, to do so and that only the elector is allowed to pick up his/ her voter ID and no one else. Election officials say that many electors have registered and have taken their photo for the voter ID, but have not returned to pick up their voter ID.

Election officials have called on all candidates for the general election to submit their list of poll watchers and the deadline for submission is Nov. 1. Poll watchers cover the gubernatorial, congressional and local House of Representatives race and these are the individuals who will be at the polling stations territory-wide.

Additionally, election official’s team leaders’ training is scheduled for today, starting at 5p.m.

Further, the last day to request a mail-in absentee ballot for qualified overseas absentee voters is next Monday, Oct. 24.

The Election Office also says that the last day for candidates to withdraw from the Nov. 8th general election is Oct. 31.

And “don’t forget to vote on Nov. 8th — Election Day,” is another reminder from the election office, which is hoping for a big turnout of voters for this election year. The official total voter roll for this year stands at 17,339 registered voters.


The two-day Medical Symposium, in collaboration between staff at the LBJ Medical Center and Department of Health, gets underway this morning at the Gov. H. Rex Lee Auditorium with health professionals presenting on a wide range of medical issues. The symposium is not open to the public.

The Medical Symposium is for American Samoa health care community professionals, stakeholders, policy makers and service providers.

Official opening of the event is slated to start around 8:30a.m with special remarks from LBJ chief executive officer Taufete’e John Faumuina and special remarks from Lt. Gov. Lemanu Peleti Mauga.

According to LBJ, the event will have practitioners visiting from off-island who will conduct presentations on various types of cancers. One presenter is a local Samoan who once practiced medicine/surgery at LBJ and now works in Hawai’i.

Two other physicians who used to work for LBJ — Dr. Patrick Pedro (a surgeon) and Dr. David Boslough (emergency medicine- ER) — are slated to present at the symposium.

There will also be a panel of local physicians and subject matter experts who will present various topics that challenges the local health care.