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Court Report


The High Court has scheduled for next month the pre trial conference of Fa’amanatu Mika, after he pled not guilty to stealing and first-degree burglary — both felonies. Mika, who entered the pleas last week during his arraignment hearing, remains in custody unable to post $10,000 bail.

The charges against Mika stem from an incident in October when he allegedly broke into a home in Malaeimi. The family told police that someone entered through the back door, which was damaged, to gain access into the house.

Court information states that upon entering the home, Mika headed to the living room where he allegedly took a laptop, iPad, and sports shoes. Mika then went to another room where the family stored gifts and allegedly stole clothing items, such as t-shirts and shoes.

As police investigated the break in after being alerted by the home owner, Mika’s former girlfriend contacted police that she had heard a story about another friend, who received a free t-shirt and a pair of shoes from the defendant.

When questioned by police after he was located, Mika denied breaking into the home in Malaeimi. But when police search Mika’s home it is alleged that several items stolen from the Malaeimi home was found at the defendant’s house.

After the discovery, Mika then allegedly admitted to police that he broke into the Malaeimi home and that he intended to return some of the stolen items to its owner.


During a hearing last week, the High Court was informed that the government and defense are close to reaching a plea agreement in the case of a 56-year old man accused of sexually abusing his biological daughter once a week throughout the month of August after he allegedly smoked ice.

Both sides informed the court that they would need at least two more weeks to complete the plea agreement negotiations and sign it.

Chief Justice Michael Kruse sought additional information from the defense, and assistant public defender Michael White explained that the government had made an offer and it has been accepted by the defendant, but the only issue that needed to be finalized is the language of the plea agreement document, before it’s filed with the court.

The defendant is charged with four counts of first-degree sexual abuse of his biological daughter. The four counts represent one day a week in August — Aug. 3, 11, 29, and 25 — in which the defendant is alleged to have committed the crime of sexual abuse, according to court documents. The defendant is also charged with endangering the welfare of a child, a misdemeanor. The charges were filed in early October this year.

Court information revealed that the daughter had told friend at school what her biological father was doing to her after he smoked ice. The friend then told a teacher, who alerted police. The defendant remains in custody unable to post $50,000 bail.

To protect the victim, Samoa News is not identifying the defendant by name.


A 42-year old man arrested last week for assaulting his wife has been charged with third degree assault and private peace disturbance — both misdemeanors counts.

To protect the victim, Samoa News does not identify the defendant in these domestic cases.

The defendant made his initial appearance late last week before District Court Judge Pro Temp, Gwen Tauili’ili-Langkilde, who have since transferred the matter to the Family and Drug Division of the High Court and proceedings are not open to the public.

Court information states that the defendant came home intoxicated and got into an argument with his wife, who was then allegedly assaulted by the defendant. It was neighbors who called police for help.

Before the case was transferred to Family and Drug court, Tauili’ili-Langkilde ordered the defendant, who was released on his own recognizance not to make any contact with his wife and children and to find a place to reside while his case is pending in court.