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District 15 Tualauta has highest number of registered voters

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Of the 16,343 electors on the voter roll for the Nov. 3rd, general election, the highest number of registered voters are in District 15- Tualauta, according to data provided by the Election Office after the Oct. 5th closing date of registration.

Tualauta’s registered 3,525 voters comprises Tafuna and the subdivisions of Fagaima, Ottoville and Kokoland — with the highest number of registered voters at 1,144, followed by Iliili at 650, Vaitogi with 573, Pava’ia’i with 534, Faleniu with 360 and Mapusaga/ Mesepa with 264.

District 12- Ituau has the next highest number of registered voters with 2,131. Election data shows that Nu’uuli/ Malaeimi tops up with 1,599 voters, followed by Fagasa at 343; and Matu’u/ Faganeanea with 189.

District 13- Fofo comprising the village of Leone — has the third highest number of registered voters at 1,200; while fourth highest registered voters is found in District 9- Maoputasi III comprising Pago Pago village with 1,074.

The Swains Island district has the smallest number of registered voters — at 9.

During the 2016 general election that included the gubernatorial race, there were about 17,296 registered voters, according to Election Office data published in the American Samoa 2016 Statistical Year Book that notes only 12,069 voters cast ballots that year.

In 2016, Tualauta also had the highest number of voters at 3,693; followed by Ituau at 2,264 and Fofo with 1,306. But not all electors cast ballots. Only 70% of registered voters exercise their right to vote — with Tualauta casting the highest number of votes.

For the 2020 general election, the Election Office once again urged all registered voters to get yourself to the polling stations on election day to vote.

Also the Election Office reminds off island or outside absentee voters including COVID-19 stranded voters, that Oct. 19th is the deadline to request an absentee ballot.

And this can be done through their website [].