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Dropping that weight FAST

William Spitzenberg and Paselio are inviting those who are serious about weight loss and healthy living to join the Slimmer Stronger You (SSY) program, which boasts a 100% success rate. No need for pills, juices, or gym memberships.  [photo: courtesy]

American Samoa is popular for many things: NFL players, actors, and record breaking recruitments for military service. On the flip side, the territory is also known for having one of the highest rates - globally - of obesity and associated ailments like diabetes and heart disease.

In recent years, several exercise programs like TaeBo and Zumba have been introduced to local folks - and have become quite popular. Even businesses catering to health nuts who prefer smoothies and deli items made from fresh produce have been popping up everywhere.

Residents who spoke to Samoa News have indicated their wish to shed unwanted pounds and live healthy but say it's hard for them to stick with the strict diet requirements that come with it.

For them, the answer may be only a few clicks away. Local resident William Spitzenberg has introduced a new program called Slimmer Stronger You (SSY) which can be accessed via social media, and promises to deliver results as quickly as the first day.

"The program teaches you how to slim down by burning fat the fastest, safest, all-natural way possible; and while you are slimming down, it teaches you how to get stronger as you go further along in the program," Spitzenberg told Samoa News. "The focus of the program is on YOU, getting you to be the best Slimmer Stronger version God intended you to be."

The SSY program was introduced locally two weeks ago and has quickly garnered a following of over 200 people, with 10-15 requests coming in daily. According to Spitzenberg, the idea came to him after he watched his church's semiannual general conference. He said he was inspired and felt the need to do something positive for the community.

"A healthy body will improve every other aspect of your life," he said, adding that he shared the program with one of his co-workers, Paselio, who was the first to strictly follow it - and the results were immediate. Paselio lost 9lbs. and several inches of fat in his first 5 days on the program.

The remarkable transformation led Spitzenberg to take the program a step further, creating a Facebook Group and inviting his Facebook friends to join. The best thing about the SSY program: it's FREE! There's no need to meet, go to the gym, or starve.

"The entrance fee is your desire to change and a commitment to follow the program," Spitzenberg said. "Everything you need to succeed in your weight loss journey is inside."

The program is simple: It is built on the 5 Pillars of Success created by Spitzenberg's mentor Craig Ballantyne, owner of Turbulence Training and Early to Rise.

The 5 Pillars - 1) Social Support, 2) Accountability, 3) Plan & Prepare, 4) Incentive, 5) Set a Deadline - are required in order for any healthy living weight loss program to be successful, and all are covered in the SSY FB Group, where everyone works together to achieve the same goal.

"The 'a smile is contagious' philosophy is how we operate in the SSY family," Spitzenberg said. "Imagine coming in to a place where everyone is cheering you on and giving you positive reinforcements to get you going on your journey.  It makes it a whole lot easier to succeed when you have a slew of likeminded people cheering you on. Negativity is not allowed in the group."

The program has 3 phases. Phase 1 deals with controlling sugar cravings and empowering people to make wise food choices. Phase 2 focuses on stopping sugar cravings and killing the bad ‘sugar bacteria’ in the gut that wreaks havoc on metabolism, and also stresses the importance of exercise - the second catalyst that helps burn body fat.

"These exercises are specifically designed to target fat burning and increase your metabolism so you can continue to burn fat while you sleep and get stronger at the same time," Spitzenberg explained, adding that the exercises can be done at home, at the park, or wherever.

Phase 3 focuses on "the secret sauce that will catapult your fat burning furnace to new heights." This is perfect for those wanting super low body fat, those having a hard time burning off that last 20lbs or getting rid of the few inches of fat in the belly area. 

"The main goal of the SSY program is to empower individuals by giving them the proper 'tools' and knowledge needed to finally conquer their weight loss goals and live a slimmer stronger version of themselves," said Spitzenberg. "It’s quite sad to see so many of our own people suffering from diabetes, high blood pressure, and other ailments that can be controlled and even cured by living a healthy lifestyle. This program helps in all these areas."

SSY has members in California, Utah, the Philippines, Apia, and other places in the world. "My personal goal is to get to 1,000 members by the end of this year and hopefully get all the local folks to join," Spitzenberg said.

The majority of SSY members are female who "seem to be the more committed ones."

"We do have some men on the team, and they are actually making some noise." So far, the most weight loss recorded in the least amount of time is a male who lost 17lbs. in 5 days.

The record for most inches lost in one week is a woman who lost over 12 inches of body fat. "I am happy to say that 100% of the people who have followed the program, even when they don’t stick to it 100% of the time, have seen amazing results," he continued. "I myself lost 40lbs following the same program."

Paselio P. reports losing a total of 22lbs in 4 weeks, in addition to dropping 3 pant sizes.

Dave V. posted, “Started this program Thursday at 293lbs. Five days later I'm at 276.5lbs. Haven’t been at this weight in years."

On her post, Helen P. wrote, "Dropped 3lbs after 1 day"

"After 2 days of sticking to this program... I am down 5lbs and didn’t even exercise this weekend. Finally, something that works," wrote Manda T.

Those interested in joining the SSY movement can join the group on Facebook at or email <>

"The SSY program will work for anyone no matter their age, body type, gender, or past experience with weight loss. There is no need for magic pills, super juices or expensive supplements in the SSY program. All you need is a desire to change and a determination to take action.  Action takers rule the world. I will guarantee any skeptic out there that if they give this program a try even for just one day, they will see amazing results. SSY is at a 100% success rate so far," Spitzenberg said.

"I always recommend you check with your doctor before trying any new program and this is no different. However, I am quite certain your doctor will give this program two thumbs up."