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Fagaima residents face more problems following heavy rain

Tualauta Rep. Larry Sanitoa

Pago Pago, AMERICAN SAMOA — While the Lolo Administration is pushing forward with a secondary access road through the properties of the Fonoti and Leapaga families to the main road at Malaeimi, residents of Fagaima have voiced new concerns over problems at the Fagaima road following recent heavy rain, with more debris, clogged drainage and new large potholes.

While Silva Construction was contracted by Public Works Department to patch up potholes on Fagaima Road on Wednesday morning, more heavy rain fell into early yesterday morning creating more flooding on the road. The contractor had to cancel, while motorists complained.

Rep. Larry Sanitoa acknowledged the new complaints and he’s hoping for consistent good weather in the next couple of days so the work can be carried out.

He has also followed-up again with DPW about cleaning up the dirt and sand from the Fagaima drainage. He said the large mound of debris accumulating in the drainage area is blocking the normal flow of water to the runoff area and causing the water not to recede at all.