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Faipule calls for better roads and seawalls in the Eastern District

Aua road debris

Pago Pago, AMERICAN SAMOA — Rep. Lua’itaua Gene Pan has called out to ASG for better seawalls and roads for Tutuila and Aunu’u, especially for the eastern district.

During the House Session this week, Lua’itaua said the problem of huge waves in some of the villages in the eastern area including his village in Lauli’i is not a new problem. Every time the weather is bad people living in the coastal area fear for their lives due to high waves.

The only way to prevent the soil from the erosion and to protect the lives of all people living in the coastal areas is to built good seawall and solid roads.

Lua’itaua said that on Wednesday morning as rocks and debris were scattered on the road in Laulii due to huge waves over night. He further stated that he later found out that all villages in the eastern district including Aunu’u island faced the same problem after he watched videos people posted and shared on social media about huge waves in Aunu’u and other villages.

The Sua Representative said that it’s the grace of God that protected people’s lives from danger but the government needs to move fast and do something to cure the problem.

Several representatives from the eastern districts echoed Lua’itaua’s concerns and called out to the House Public Works committee to conduct a hearing and question the Director of Public Works about any plans in the future.

Yesterday morning, the problem was getting worse and the roads in other parts of the island were blocked due to rocks and debris scattered on the road due to the high waves.