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Family dispute results in arrest

American Samoa District Court

Pago Pago, AMERICAN SAMOA — A man contacted the Central Police Station on September 28, 2023 at 5:56 PM, requiring assistance with his younger brother who was cussing in a loud manner, causing worry and alarming their neighborhood in Fagatogo. The man further reported that his younger brother slapped his girlfriend several times while arguing in their bedroom. 

The older brother of the defendant said that he was worried about his younger brother’s antics affecting the callers’ three young children, who were present during the time of the incident. 

According to the girlfriend, she heard her boyfriend’s brother was looking for his daughter, who went with the boyfriend to the store. She further reports that she then walked to the store and to tell her boyfriend that his brother was looking for his daughter, but she did not see them at the store.

The girlfriend states that when she returned to the residence, she observed that her boyfriend and his niece were already home. Upon entering the residence, her boyfriend aggressively demanded her to pack her belongings and leave the house and then started swearing at her.

The girlfriend, who is the alleged victim, says that she refused his demands but the defendant threw her clothes and other belongings outside of the house and walked towards her and assaulted her several times, which caused her to flee for safety.

The neighbors upon hearing the commotion made their way to the residence. 

The brother of the defendant, who reported the situation, said that the alleged altercation started from inside the defendant’s room and continued into the living room, where his children were.

Additionally, the brother noted that his brother’s violent behavior was not normal and that he was suspicious of his brother being under the influence of drugs.

Further reports from the defendant’s brother say that the defendant was cursing and yelling at his children as well, causing panic amongst the minors. The brother did note that he made an attempt to calm him down. 

In addition to the aggressive behavior, the defendant allegedly damaged several things such as their flat screen TV, electric fans and other property in their residence. 

The defendant’s brother stated that he gathered his children and retreated to the second floor of their residence, in fear of his young children’s safety being compromised.

The brother says that while he was downstairs, he continued hearing objects being thrown around, which prompted him to contact the police for assistance. 

After interviewing the victim and the defendant’s brother, DPS officers made their way to the brother’s room to apprehend him, where he allegedly resisted but eventually was arrested. 

The defendant, Lorenzo Vaimagalo, was transported to the Central Police Station for further investigation, where he was Mirandized and refused to answer questions or provide a statement. 

Vaimagalo is being charged with private peace disturbance, assault in the third degree, and four counts of endangering the welfare of a child.

His bail was set at $500.