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Five members of ASG Parole Board named

Acting Gov. Talauega Eleasalo V. Ale

Pago Pago, AMERICAN SAMOA — In an Aug. 24th memorandum, Acting Gov. Talauega Eleasalo V. Ale — pursuant to local law — appointed five members of the ASG Parole Board.

Local law calls for a five-member Parole Board, not employed by the government, non-elected citizens of American Samoa, and appointed by the governor. The board selects one of its members to be chairperson. Parole Board members are not subject to Fono confirmation.

According to the acting governor’s memo, the members are Father Vaiula Iulio, Deacon Chaira Uiagalelei, Mina Saifoloi, Edward G. Tautolo and Folola Taatasi. 

“Each member of the Parole Board has served the territory through their community outreach and spiritual guidance,” Talauega said of the appointees. “Each member is qualified to provide counseling and direction in addition to accomplishing the statutory duties of the board.

He also said that each appointed member shall serve an indeterminate amount of time until such time his or her successor is appointed by the governor.

Father Iulio and Saifoloi had served on the previous board, after being appointed in 2017 by the Lolo Administration.

Talauega called on all ASG departments and agencies to support and, where appropriate, assist the Parole Board in carrying out its duties and responsibilities.

Local statute details the specific duties and responsibilities of the board.