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Fofo-Alataua group hosts pre-Thanksgiving Mini Farm Fair

Three locally made Christmas ornaments


These Christmas ornaments and flower arrangements were among the locally made products at last Saturday’s Fofo-Alataua Empowerment Team Mini Farm Fair at Auma in Leone.  Other items at the fair include elei materials, pillow cases, rugs, handicrafts, ula, sei, plants, fruits etc.

“We want to celebrate a pre-Thanksgiving day with everything we have learned since last year from our Land Grant program and our private class sessions,” said one of the organizers, Rep. Andra Samoa of Fofo. 

She notes that Fofo and Alataua sewing and elei class started last year and they wanted to showcase for the public “what local capacity building means and how it has inspired so many people and has build a relationship of love and sharing with each other.”

The Fofo-Alataua Empowerment Team thanks the many people who made this event a success over the weekend. Since this was such a successful farm fair, they will have another farm fair on Dec. 19th, also at Auma.

“This will be another opportunity to showcase and share with the community our learned skills and talent transferred and perfected from so many Inspirational Empowered teachers  and others at ASCC Land Grant — who have outreached to villages through various federal programs,” the group said.

“We stand united with so many villages, coming together with a common goal of learning and perfecting many skills untapped with infinite potential so that we can be self sufficient using natural and abundant local resources to help our family’s financially, and give back to our community,” they said.

Although, the location of learning is in Leone, the team of women come from so many villages — Fagamalo, Fagalii, Amaluia, Futiga, Fogagogo, Faleniu, Pavaiai.

The group expressed appreciation to specific people for their support as well as all our buyers from government agencies, private organizations and our sponsors of donated fruits and water.