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As food inflation continues, it’s chips n dips for Super Bowl parties

chips n dip

Pago Pago, AMERICAN SAMOA — The latest consumer spending data from the National Retail Federation (NRF) and Prosper Insights & Analytics’ 2024 Super Bowl survey found that a record 200.5 million U.S. adults plan to tune in to the big game. This year, 112.2 million people plan to throw or attend a party, and another 16.2 million plan to watch the game at a bar or restaurant. Total spending on food, drinks, apparel, decorations and other purchases for the day is expected to reach a record $17.3 billion, or $86.04 per person.

NRF has been conducting its annual Super Bowl survey for more than a decade to see how consumers expect to spend and celebrate over game day. Take a deeper look into the trends over time and use the interactive charts to explore demographic breakdowns of total spending, average spending and what attracts consumers to the event.

The 2024 survey of 8,329 adults 18 and older was conducted by Prosper Insights & Analytics between January 2-8 and has a margin of error of plus or minus 1.1 percentage points.

As food inflation continues to make headlines and impact household budgets, shoppers are becoming increasingly cost-conscious. According to analytics firm 84.51o, 43% of purchasers are heavily influenced by deals they find in their supermarket. Wells Fargo analysts expect Super Bowl food spending to be strong as food inflation, according to the Federal Reserve Economic Data’s January release shows a modest rise for food consumed at home at just 1.3% over 2023 and food away from home rising as 5.3% over last year.

Chicken wings may prove to be one of this year’s Super Bowl super food winners if the Taylor Swift “Wings & Crunch” phenomenon continues at the game and on social media. According to the National Chicken Council, Americans are expected to consume 1.45 billion chicken wings during the Super Bowl weekend celebration, with or without Taylor Swift’s endorsement.

One of the most expensive Super Bowl favorites is soft drinks, as a category, for 12 ounce cans, prices are up a whopping 57% and 2 liter bottles are up 33% since the beginning of COVID in 2020.

According to the retail analytics firm 84.51o’s January Consumer Digest, 66% of Americans are planning to celebrate Super Bowl this year, and here’s their most popular foods:

  • •            73% are serving chips & dips
  • •            52% are serving pizza
  • •            45% are serving alcoholic beverages
  • •            37% are serving fruits and vegetables
  • •            37% are serving pre-made appetizers

Health and wellness continue to be significant trends, even in the context of Super Bowl celebrations.

Party givers must now seek a balance between indulgent comfort foods and healthier options, reflecting the broader consumer desire for well-being that include catering to various dietary preferences and restrictions, such as gluten-free, keto, vegan and accommodating those whose diets have changed significantly with the rise of the new weight loss drugs and smaller portions.