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Food items — including turkey tails – cost more


Pago Pago, AMERICAN SAMOA — Fifteen food commodities contributed to the increase in the Basic Food Index (BFI) in October, according to the BFI report released by the Commerce Department’s Statistical Division. It also says that the BFI in October registered a “substantial increase of 4.4%” from September.

According to the report, fifteen out of twenty food commodities contributed to October’s increase of 4.4% except for five food commodities — bottled water, banana, canned tuna, bread and eggs — which remained constant throughout October.

The food items that recorded price increases in October: turkey tails (6.6%), soft drinks (5.8%, fish (1.0%), taro (1.9%, pork spare ribs (3.3%), fresh milk (1.1%), sausage (1.4%), ramen (13.5%), ice cream (0.7%), sugar (5.9%), mayonnaise (1.4%, corned beef (0.9%) and butter (4.6%)

The report also states that the cost of chicken legs increased substantially having the greatest month over month price increase of 9.5% for October.

Seven major food outlets were selected for the October survey.