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Former TCF guard charged with PPD and assault

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Pago Pago, AMERICAN SAMOA — A former TCF guard was arrested over the weekend on the allegation that he disturbed the private peace inside his home in Malaeimi.

Wallin Fanene made his initial appearance in District Court this week.

He’s charged with 3rd degree assault and private peace disturbance, both misdemeanors.

The government claims that on July 2nd, 2020 about 1:47p.m, a police captain requested police assistance at his mother-in -law’s residence in Malaeimi and several police officers responded to the call. Officers were briefed by a family member who said the defendant was causing a disturbance at home and threatening his brother and mother, who is bedridden.

Officers met up with the defendant’s brother, who guided officers to his mother’s room where they apprehended the defendant and placed him inside police unit.

According to the defendant brother’s statement to police, his brother, the defendant came to his mother’s house walked straight to the room and asked his mother for $200, his mother told him “E leai se kupe” and his mother even asked the defendant where her food stamps were. That’s when things escalated and Fanene got angry and started yelling profanity at his brother, who was in the kitchen fixing his mother’s food.

Fanene also came to the kitchen and told his brother that he is going to cut him with a knife that was on the counter. Fanene then walked back into his mother’s room and asked his mother again for $200, to which his mother cried and told Fanene that she does not have any money on her.

The government alleges that Fanene raised his voice again and started yelling at his mother that she is a bad mother and grandmother and does not care for him (Wallin, the defendant).

The defendant further continued yelling at his brother from inside his mother’s room calling his brother names. The defendant also threatened to punch his brother.

After speaking with the defendant’s brother, officers interviewed the defendant’s mother regarding the alleged incident.

According to the defendant’s mother’s statement to police, she was in her room on her bed because she is bedridden. Her son (defendant) came to her room and asked for $200 so he can feed his kids but she told him she does not have any money.

The mother stated that Wallin argued with her younger son outside in the kitchen, she heard Wallin (defendant) yelling that he is going to cut something but she could not hear it clearly due to poor hearing. The mother also told police that Wallin (defendant) said that she is the one causing all the troubles. Wallin also yelled profanities at her younger son.