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Gov to cabinet: What will you accomplish in our last two years?

Gov. Lolo Matalasi Moliga

Pago Pago, AMERICAN SAMOA — Cabinet members have been informed by Gov. Lolo Matalasi Moliga to prepare their presentations, which should include among other things detailed proposed accomplishments for the remaining two years of the Lolo Administration.

The governor’s message was outlined in a Dec. 3rd letter, “Remaining 2 Years Strategy Development & Implementation,” to all chief executive officers and directors of ASG authorities, departments and offices.

“To ensure that we will continue our aggressive posture on the attainment of our vision, each of you will be held accountable for the performance of your agency relative to accomplishing its mandated functions and services,” Lolo wrote.

Accordingly, starting in January 2019, each authority, department, and office will present to the Cabinet its presentation, said Lolo, who then outlined seven specific topics to be addressed during the presentations.

For example, clearly detailed proposed accomplishments for 2019 and 2020. It's expected that these accomplishments will be quantified, with accompanying information on the method used to measure performance.

“For service agencies, statistics should be provided to show the population that will be served, cost of service, and other performance statistics,” the governor explained.

Cabinet members are to thoroughly explain the mechanism which will be utilized to forge the successful achievement of the documented accomplishment. Therefore the presentation should show the organizational setup and how the organizational unit, responsible for achieving the specific accomplishments, attains its documented goals.

Another issue to cover in the presentation, according to the governor, is finances and it will be “meticulously discussed” going back to fiscal year 2013. Discussions will also be focused on demands for 2019 and 2020.

On the topic of human resources, the cabinet member is to present on a human resource development plan along with a “Succession Plan” to ensure that the authority, department, and office will continue to function effectively, after the cabinet member’s departure.

According to Lolo, the presentation should also include an explanation on how each agency “will contribute to the resolution of our government-wide challenges” which include: high risk status; outstanding audit findings; increasing accumulated overtime, compensatory time, annual and sick leave; employees performance accountability; non-compliance with articulated policies; and delays in the speedy implementation of projects.

The presentation is also to include the list of Capital Improvement Projects, which can be completed in the remaining two years “that will positively advance our adopted vision”.

The governor made clear to cabinet members that this “exercise is to be taken seriously" and "it is my hope that you will invest the appropriate time to ensure” that the presentation is “comprehensive, precise, practical, and doable”.

“We are asking for clear delineation of your doable and measurable accomplishments for the next two years, and a clear and practical implementation plan to forge the achievement of your documented outcomes,” said Lolo.

A schedule for the presentations will be provided at a later time, once it's completed.

At the beginning of the letter, Lolo commended cabinet members for their hard work and collaborative efforts since the administration took the helm of government in January 2013.

“Our collective vision at the onset of our administration has and continues to transform our social, economic, and political landscapes so that we will hand over to the next generation of leaders a government that is financially stable, an economy that is flourishing, a political system that will forge better and improved relationship with the federal government while honoring and being sensitive to our sovereignty that is firmly rooted in the perpetuation of our cultural and Christian values where poverty and impoverishment is minimized,” the governor said.