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Gov calms public after word of positive COVID test at quarantine site

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Source: Am. Samoa Dept. of Health

Pago Pago, AMERICAN SAMOA — Gov. Lemanu Peleti Mauga held a televised address to the public Sunday announcing a passenger in the third repatriation flight to American Samoa has tested positive for COVID-19.

All repatriated passengers currently quarantined at Tradewinds Hotel had their first local COVID-19 testing done Friday. According to the governor’s address, this individual and his traveling family has been isolated apart from the rest of the passengers away from Tradewinds, per DOH physicians’ decisions.

Quick summary of KVZK live feed:

-There are local covid-19 procedures in place to handle positive test results

-All 220+ travelers from Hawaii for repat 3 tested negative multiple times prior to traveling

- The first test done locally resulted in a non-infectious positive father & family that has been isolated from repat 3 group to separate facility

-The non-infectious positive man and his family will undergo full 14 day quarantine for continued monitoring by medical team

- Repat 3 group is still under quarantine at Tradewinds for 7 days at discretion of medical team

- Frontline repat workers also remain in quarantine at the discretion of the medical team.

Again, to families and the public the governor stressed: Please remain calm, there is no reason to panic. All passengers, medical staff, airport personnel, hotel staff, security and drivers all practiced safety precautionary measures to keep everyone safe.

Further updates will be issued when they become available. In the meantime, trust only facts released by DOH and the COVID-19 Taskforce.

“If you have any questions, please call 219. Please do not ask for any personal and identifying information. None will be provided. Harassing calls will be referred to Public Saftey. We ask that you respect this individual and family’s privacy,” the Health Dept. notice said.