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House approves governor’s supplemental budget proposal

Fono chamber in session

Pago Pago, AMERICAN SAMOA — The House of Representatives unanimous approved Gov. Lemanu Peleti Mauga’s supplemental appropriation of $7.4 million during yesterday’s session. The vote was 16-0.

Last week, Lemanu sent it to the Fono for approval.

According to Lemanu, $500,000 will go to the Fono to address additional critical operational needs for the Fono’s operation that are not addressed in the FY 2023 budget.

As reported by Samoa News earlier, $250,000 will go to the Governor’s office to extend the Centennial book contract to support newly created chapters to document the current administration; $300,000 will also go to the Governor’s office for the completion of the American Samoa Veterans Memorial; $500,000 will provide local matching funds for infrastructure projects, also under the Governor’s office.

Other budget items include: $500,000 to go to the Attorney General’s office to fund legal fees for off island counsel in ongoing and anticipated litigation; $500,000 to the Territorial Audit office to pay for salary and related personnel expenses for the staff; $500,000 for drug enforcement efforts, and another $500,000 for support of infrastructure, transportation, and emergency response in Manu’a, including but not limited to response to the Manu’a tremors and potential volcano eruptions, evacuation of residents, construction of escape routes and safe zones, and to provide for other needs of Manu’a residents during the emergency period.

This supplemental appropriation shall be made available to the respective departments and agencies from unbudgeted, unobligated, and unexpended revenues from FY 2021.