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If you’re full of Christmas ‘cheer’ don’t get behind the wheel

 police manning check point

Pago Pago, AMERICAN SAMOA — To date several arrests have been made during the Police festive season’s traffic operation, which started last week to crack down on drunk drivers.

“We started earlier this year due to a lot of ongoing events, Christmas programs and parties. And we wanted to be out and about as a deterrence for drivers to deviate from drinking and driving,” said Chief of Police Pouu’amea Tuaolo Supapo.

In an interview with Samoa News, Supapo said they just want families to enjoy this festive season.

“If you pass by our parks, people are there on a daily basis enjoying the breeze in the late afternoon while some are attending government holiday programs, which can easily turn deadly if impaired drivers are on the road.

“It is a simple method, don’t drink and drive, get a designated driver or catch a cab. That will cost a lot less then your bail for drunk driving or even worse someone’s life at your hands.

“Would you want that on your conscience?” asked the Police Chief.

She said, “Impaired driving is also a crime.

“It is illegal and drunk drivers often pay significant fines, lose their license, and face higher insurance costs.”

Chief of Police Supapo pointed out that they “have zero tolerance for any criminal activity,” and that getting behind the wheel of a vehicle after consuming alcohol is a serious crime in the territory.

She told Samoa News that there are selected officers that are part of the operation that is ongoing.

“We made several arrests last week, including some people caught with drugs. This combination is dangerous, alcohol and drugs,” said Supapo.

The enforcement started on Dec 16 and should be concluded by Jan 2, 2023.

She said their roadblocks will be at random check-points and they won’t remain at one spot throughout the week.

Supapo also had a message for people that will be hitting the nightclubs.

“It’s the same song we sing every year, don’t drink and drive, you will get caught and you will be arrested, charged and prosecuted.”