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It’s a land issue, ASPA official says about the problem of not enough rubbish bins

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It’s one of the reasons trash ends up in the streams, says faipule — not enough bins

Pago Pago, AMERICAN SAMOA — Land issues is the reason behind the lack of trash bins for the public to dispose their rubbish, according to the ASPA officials, during a House ASPA committee hearing, where they appeared to testify on a variety of ASPA issues, on Monday, July 24, 2023.

The hearing wasn’t on the House’s daily calendar for Monday, but due to several complaints received by the House, according to the Vice Speaker Fetu Fetui, the ASPA officials were called in. Chairman of the House ASPA Committee is Rep. Titialii  Kitara Vaiau.

Appearing before the ASPA committee were CEO Wallon Young and the Water Division’s Talimatai Elisala Su'ai,

Frustrations over having only one trash bin in certain areas was one of the issues put forward to the two ASPA officials.

Ma’oputasi’s Faipule Tapai Vaivao voiced his concerns about the lack of trash bins in his district, which he said he has brought up the issue with someone “in the office and until this day nothing has been done.”

He added, “It’s frustrating, as my people come back, and a whole bunch of businesses.

“And they only have one trash bin for this whole area. These people are paying bills and service isn’t provided,” the faipule stated. 

“Are you looking at these areas?” he asked Talimatai.

 “Yes, I’ve reviewed that area — the issue at this time is the land,” he responded. “I’m working with someone trying to find a land that is suitable for the vehicle, and it’d be easier for people in the area to dispose of their rubbish.”

He pointed out that “for now there are 5 bins ready, but the only issue is that I need help as I don’t have authority over the lands.”

Talimatai said he is working with the Village mayor and they have even looked at removing the bus stop, but there are other concerns there.

He told the House that people may have noticed, he’d placed two bins between Leloaloa and Atuu, so residents of that area would have one available for them.

“But for your information we are not sitting around but we are trying to help.” 

For now Talimatai said, when there’s authorized land for the bins then it’s no problem for him in placing the bin there.

The Maoputasi faipule further noted that ”some families on the mountain, when they come down near the companies with rubbish they’d be chased away.

“Furthermore when they move on to the next one, there's already customers for those bins as well.

“People are confused, as they have nowhere to place their rubbish, and it ends up in the streams,” Vaivao pointed out.