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LBJ's former CEO itemizes initiatives advanced under his leadership

former hospital Chief Executive Officer, Moefaauo Bill Emmsley
He plans now to explore a career in writing, starting with his autobiography

Pago Pago, AMERICAN SAMOA — It was in “the best interest of LBJ to advance without further disruptions,” which led the former hospital Chief Executive Officer, Moefaauo Bill Emmsley to resign from his post. This was outlined in a statement released yesterday morning in response to Samoa News questions forwarded to Moefaauo.

“Miscommunications regarding securing the former CEO’s office to protect confidential medical and financial information sparked raw imaginations.

“Further, wrongful public perceptions and unfounded beliefs ran rampant when in fact, no cause or charge had been levied against the former CEO. 

“Tremendous outside pressures and differences between the former CEO and the Board on how LBJ's internal policies, procedures and protocols should be executed daily resulted in the former CEO resigning of his own volition,” the Moefaauo’s press statement reads.

The former CEO said his resignation leaves behind “an array of incredible new and ongoing initiatives that would bring tremendous value to LBL” such as the following; a forty-bed new hospital; reconstitution of LBJ’s financial system; queens Medical Center partnership initiative; total imputation of technology in every aspect of LBJ's operation to achieve greater efficiency and quality of services.

“Also the installation and realignment of a state-of-the-art engineering plant to support clinical services; expansion and renovation of critical clinics (i.e., ICU, ER, Dialysis, and OR); facelift project, upgrading all patient rooms, wards, and office workspaces, and a new pay structure for physicians, nurses, and technicians, as well as a comprehensive wellness program for the entire LBJ staff.” 

The statement says that when these undertakings are completed and online, as originally slated in the former CEO’s two-year plan, it will place LBJ on a proper footing in the next four years, catapulting the hospital to an elite club of high-standard hospitals, like those found stateside.

“Unfortunately, it would not be the case for the former CEO, as he plans to enjoy a happy retirement, relish every private moment with his family, travel around the world, and continue exploring a career in writing, starting with his autobiography,” according to the statement.

Meanwhile the LBJ hospital board of directors has appointed Dr. Akapusi Ledua as Acting Chief Executive Officer. This was confirmed by Vice Chair of the hospital Board Jean Anderson in a statement issued to the media on Sunday.

According to the vice chair, the mission of the board is to ensure quality health care for patients and staff and rebuild LBJ medical center to a healthcare facility that American Samoa deserves.

 “In order to accomplish the mission and vision of the Board, Mr. Bill Emmsley and the Board unanimously agreed that his resignation was in the best interest of LBJ moving forward,” the statement reads.

On Friday evening the board met and asked for Moefaauo’s resignation after his leadership skills were questioned by the lawmakers, calling for his resignation in the Senate and the House.

In the statement issued Monday morning, Moefaauo also acknowledged the Governor and the Lt. Governor for allowing him to serve the public’s interest.

Additionally, he sent a heartfelt “fa’amalo” to LBJ's “competent and hard-working staff for their demonstrated professionalism and unselfish dedication.

“Lastly, legal consultation will be sought to address the ongoing issue of information being published lacking the entire context, substantiated evidence, and without a credible source.”

Moefaauo previously served as CEO for the American Samoa TeleCommuniations Authority and American Samoa Shipyard Authority.

He also held the post at the American Samoa Community College of the first Dean of Institute of Trades and Technology (ITT).

He is a former CEO of the Honolulu-based Samoan Service Providers Association, a non profit corporation. 

Other posts Moefaauo has held include serving as the first deputy director for the Department of Marine and Wildlife Resources during the first term of the Lutali Administration; and is a former ASTCA technical electronic engineer in the 1980s and was a U.S. Naval marine engineer.

According to his bio provided to the media when he became CEO of ASTCA, he holds an electronic engineering degree from the Honolulu Community College on microwave and digital technologies; an undergraduate degree in public policy and international relations from the University of Hawai’i and a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) degree, emphasis on organization and development and macro-economics from Hawai’i Pacific University,