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Lolo expresses gratitude to all who stepped up in this challenging time

Gov. Lolo Matalasi Moliga and Lt. Gov. Lemanu Palepoi Sialega Mauga at a cabinet meeting.
“Most important everyone is working together”

Pago Pago, AMERICAN SAMOA — Gov. Lolo Matalasi Moliga has expressed his and Lt. Gov. Lemanu Palepoi Sialega Mauga’s “unfathomable gratitude and heartfelt gratefulness” to all first responders, cabinet members and others for their dedication and hard work during these challenging times — pointing out that the deadly coronavirus pandemic came after dealing with the measles outbreak.

“In case you feel unappreciated, unthanked, unacknowledged, uncredited, unrecognized, taken for granted, overlooked, or undervalued, please know that those sentiments are baseless and unfounded because while I have not had the opportunity to personally convey to you the overwhelming gratefulness and the indebtedness of our people, community leaders, religious leaders, and government leaders for your selfless sacrifices and relentless commitment to service, I want you to know that Lieutenant Governor Lemanu and I are touched to the core of our souls by your gift of love which spurs you to do what you do every day transcending all discomforts, weariness, exhaustion, fatigue, and burnout, to ensure that our people are safe,” Lolo wrote in a memo.

He said that “your hard work, dedication, and your devotion to service do not go unnoticed by Lemanu and I see your commitment to service excellence particularly your oath to protect our people even at your own peril.”

The governor went on to thank the Health Department, physicians and nurses for their vigilance and dedication, the LBJ Medical Center management and clinician corps for their support in protecting people’s lives and ensuring LBJ is ready to respond effectively to the coronavirus if it comes, as well as the EMS Division “who silently and methodically carry out its duties and responsibilities without fanfare or looking for accolades.”

To the Police Commissioner and the police force, “thank you for continuing to keep our people safe and taking the aggressive posture to enforce all dictates of the Emergency Declaration.” Lolo acknowledged that the current police force is being overwhelmed by the demand for the required 24/7 enforcement of the coronavirus protocols.

He also thanked all his cabinet members and other directors providing supportive roles for their efforts and dedication to “saving the lives of our people.”

“With the help of God coupled with unwavering resolute to do all that we possibly can, and committing to be united in our quest to save lives we will succeed. Lemanu and I are very thankful that we were blessed with a competent and experienced Cabinet which have allowed us to navigate many challenges and God willing we will overcome this challenge as well,” he said.

During the Apr. 3rd COVID-19 Task Force meeting, the governor gave similar remarks to his cabinet members. Lolo commended directors for their work, saying that if American Samoa managed to weather through the measles outbreak without a fatality, why not during the coronavirus pandemic.

He says every single person in the community must be “serious” when it comes to this deadly virus, which has no cure or vaccine. He said the main goal and purpose of the many restrictions implemented under the declaration is to protect the territory, ensuring that the virus does not spread to American Samoa, and all preventive measures must continue no matter how long it will take.

To the Health director, LBJ chief executive officer and medical professionals, Lolo said the task force “depends on your recommendations and professional advise” to make plans and decisions in combating the virus.

He went on to thank the public, traditional and church leaders as well the private sector for their support during these difficult and challenges time. “Most important is everyone working together,” he concluded.