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Man accused of sexually abusing a minor takes a plea

American Samoa High Court building

A man from Samoa accused of sexually abusing a 15-year-old girl last year has entered into a plea agreement with the government. Fereti Lafoga was originally charged with first degree sexual abuse, attempted rape, second degree burglary — all class C felonies — and two class A misdemeanors: third degree assault and endangering the welfare of a child.

Under a plea agreement, he pled guilty to first degree sexual abuse. The remaining charges are dismissed. Lafoga admits that on the night of Mar. 10th, 2020 he unlawfully entered the victim’s home by breaking the back door. He said he went to the living room and, while the victim was sleeping with her three young siblings, he touched the girl inappropriately.

Lafoga, according to the government, was drinking with his friends in front of a store in Tafuna on the night of the incident, when a young girl — later identified as the victim — walked over and called his name. Lafoga and the victim spoke for over 30 minutes. At around 11p.m, Lafoga went to the victim’s home and committed the crime.

Lafoga told police the victim was his girlfriend and she invited him to her house, saying her parents would be at the airport. When questioned by police, the victim, in the presence of her mother, said she never invited Lafoga to her home. She said she only met him at the church bingo a week prior to the incident.