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Man allegedly terrorizes wife and holds knife to her throat — in front of their kids

American Samoa District Court building
Drugs found on him during arrest

Pago Pago, AMERICAN SAMOA — A man accused of pointing a knife at a woman’s throat in the presence of their two young children was arrested and he’s now in custody. While arresting the man, police found a baggie of methamphetamine and marijuana joints on him.

(Samoa News has decided to print the defendant’s name due to his also being charged with unlawful possession of illegal drugs as well as unlawful use of a weapon — in addition to other counts.)

Amosa Faapu’e made his initial appearance in District Court two weeks ago before Judge Elvis P. Patea.

He’s being charged with five counts, including felonious restraint; unlawful use of a weapon, and unlawful possession of a controlled substance (methamphetamine), all class D felonies, punishable by up to 5 years imprisonment, a $5,000 fine or both; along with third degree assault and endangering the welfare of a children, both class A misdemeanors, punishable by up to one year imprisonment, a $1,000 fine or both.

Bond is set at $20,000.

If he posts bond, the court has ordered Faapu’e to remain law abiding, not to leave the Territory, and not to have any direct or indirect contact with all the government’s witnesses including the victim and her children.

Faapu’e waived his right to a preliminary examination before Judge Elvis Patea. He appeared in High Court last week for his arraignment where he entered a not guilty plea to all the charges against him.

His pretrial conference is now scheduled for next month.


On Nov. 20, 2020 around 7:50a.m, several police officers responded to a domestic call that was reported by a woman, who was later identified as the victim in this case.

The victim told police that on Sunday, Aug. 25 around 12:42 just after midnight, she received a Facebook message from her husband who had left her and their two young children for another woman over 6 months ago. Shortly after, her bedroom door was opened by her children’s father, the defendant in this matter, yelling at her, while her children were sleeping next to her. The victim was shocked.

The victim stated that her son and daughter woke up when they heard Faapu’e’s loud voice. He then grabbed her cell phone and smashed it on the floor before rushing outside of the room and walking straight to his vehicle parked on the other side of the road.

According to the affidavit, Faapu’e came back in the room, pushed her on to the bed while yelling angrily at her, accusing her of sleeping with men from the village — and all this time the kids were at her side crying.

The victim stated to police that it was then that Faapu’e choked her and put a knife to her throat telling her that this is what she gets if she continues to play games with him.

The victim and her children were not allowed to leave the room or call anyone until that morning at around 7:20a.m when she was able to leave for work and take her son to her sister’s place while her daughter stayed with the defendant. The victim told the defendant to look after her daughter and if anything happens, he will face consequences for his actions.

While driving off to work, the victim heard Faapu’e say, “Don’t try to go down this road because I will come to your work place and find you and your man. You wouldn’t like it.”

The victim told police that she was afraid for her life and her children’s safety. She said she reported it to the law so that Faapu’e could be removed from her house and she had been asking him to move out since the beginning of 2020.

Several police officers proceeded to the victim’s home in an effort to apprehend Faapu’e, but couldn’t locate him. Police were told that Faapu’e works at a store in the Tafuna area.

Police proceeded to Faapu’e’s place of work where they located and immediately apprehended him. They searched him before placing him in the police unit.

While officers were searching the defendant, Faapu’e was trying to reach for something inside his left pants pocket. When one officer searched the left pocket, he discovered a small baggie containing white crystalline substance that appeared to be methamphetamine.

Faapu’e was taken to the Tafuna Police Substation for questioning and the white substance was tested and it yielded positive for methamphetamine.

When asked about the methamphetamine found in his possession, Faapu’e told police he bought the small baggie from a taxi driver who dropped him off to work. He refused to reveal the description of the taxi driver or his name to police.

Furthermore, Faapu’e told police that the reason why he uses drugs is to calm him down while he’s dealing with some problems within his family. He also stated to police that he has no intention of hurting his family — that he threatened them to get their attention.

With the victim’s permission police searched the victim’s home in an effort to locate the knife allegedly used to threat the victim. During the search, police discovered contraband such as empty small baggies used to package meth. The knife was never found.

When questioned about the contraband, the defendant told investigators that it belonged to his wife’s uncle and children who own the house his wife and children live in.