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Man allegedly threatens his family with machete

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Pago Pago, AMERICAN SAMOA — A man was arrested by police in Fagatogo after he went into his wife’s and children’s house with a machete in his hand.

The defendant made his initial appearance in court yesterday morning.

He’s charged with private peace disturbance and 3rd degree assault.

Bail is set at $2,000.

The government claims that on July 6th, 2020, a female contacted the Fagatogo Police Central Station reporting that the defendant in this case was outside of their house but there is a restraining order against him.

A police sergeant, along with two police trainees responded to the reported domestic violence case in Fagatogo and observed the defendant sitting on the stairs at the victims’ house. When police approached the defendant, he walked over to the house and struck the windows with a machete.

The police sergeant then grabbed a wooden board from the bottom of the stairs for his safety as well as the safety of everyone present at the scene.

The defendant then yelled at the victim asking why she had to contact the police. Officers intervened and advised the defendant to remove the machete from his hand and the defendant co-operated. The defendant was immediately apprehended and placed in the police unit and later transported to the police station for further investigation.

Police were able to speak to the defendant’s spouse, who also is the victim in this case regarding the alleged incident. She told police that she and her children had just arrived at their home when she saw the defendant approaching them with a machete. She quickly closed and locked the door to keep him from entering their house and to prevent him from harming her family.

The victim was scared for herself as well as for her children (9 and 19 yrs old). The defendant demanded that she open the door and that was when she called the police for help. The defendant also threatened to cut himself with the machete and end his life.

Furthermore, the victim stated to police that she and the defendant are in the process of a divorce. She filed for protection and a restraining order against the defendant but he continues to harass and break into her home.

The victim also said she is living in fear that one day the defendant will attack her and their children. A majority of the time, she said she fears to go home because defendant shows up uninvited filled with rage and anger.

The victim also provided a valid protection order, which the defendant deliberately disobeys by showing up at her house to either harass or threatened her.