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Man arrested after walking around with a machete and allegedly assaulting his wife

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Pago Pago, AMERICAN SAMOA — On June 30th around 9p.m, the Central Police Station in Fagatogo received a phone call from a female saying that her uncle was walking around the house with a machete in his hand and their family needed police assistance. The caller further told police that her uncle had just finished assaulting his wife.

Several police officers responded to the call and observed a man walking on the side of the road with a machete in his hand. Police surrounded the man and instructed him to put down the machete. The man complied before surrendering to police.

Officers then went to the house and met up with a young female who was later identified as the person who had called police. She told police that her uncle was very intoxicated and assaulted his wife over their stimulus check. She further stated to police that her uncle (defendant) was very upset when his wife told him not to waste their money from the stimulus check on alcohol.

Police questioned the victim and she echoed the statement. The victim told police that her husband asked her for $200 from their family’s saving account to buy parts for their vehicle. However, she found out later that day that only $90 went to the vehicle’s part while her husband (defendant) used the rest of the money she gave him to buy alcohol and cigarettes for him and his friends.

Her husband was very upset when she approached him about the money. He yelled profanities at her before he pushed her to the ground and kicked her in her back.

When asked about the alleged incident, the defendant immediately broke down into tears and admitted to assaulting his wife. He told police that he used part of the money to buy beer for himself and his mechanic.