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Man arrested for possession of two hand rolled joints

Just say no to marijuana symbol

Pago Pago, AMERICAN SAMOA — A man accused of unlawful possession of two hand rolled marijuana cigarettes was arrested  last week and thereafter, made his initial appearance before District Court Judge Elvis P. Patea.

Filo Willie, 34, is charged with unlawful possession of a controlled substance (marijuana), an unclassified felony, punishable by jail time between 5-10 years , a fine between $5,000-$20,000 or both. He is also charged with two misdemeanors: third degree assault and public peace disturbance.

Bond is set at $3,000. If he posts bond, Willie is to remain law abiding, not leave or attempt to leave the territory, and he is not to make any direct or indirect contact with the government’s witnesses.

A preliminary examination is set for next Tuesday.

The government claims that on Thursday, July 11, 2019 around 6:45p.m., the Tafuna Substation received a call from a man, claiming that he was assaulted by a man named “IRON” (later identified as Willie, the defendant).

Officers responded and met up with the victim, who briefed them on what allegedly happened.

According to the victim, he was walking home in the Tafuna area when Willie confronted him, asking if he’s the one dating his female cousin.

The victim said he told Willie he doesn’t know anything about his female cousin.

During the conversation, Willie allegedly punched the victim in the face twice. He also choked him and threatened him, saying if he finds out later that he’s the one who is dating his cousin, he will come back to him.

After speaking to the victim, police proceeded to Willie’s home, and found him sitting under the tree in front of his house drinking a beer.

Willie tried to flee but police surrounded him.

Cops claim that when they were talking to Willie, the defendant was acting very nervous and was trying to reach into his pants pocket.

Officers then searched him and discovered two hand rolled cigarettes wrapped inside a small baggie in his left pocket. They cigarettes were later tested and yielded positive results for marijuana.

When asked by police, Willie admitted that the two marijuana cigarettes belonged to him, and he had bought them from a friend at a bus stop in Tafuna. Willie did not reveal his friend’s name.