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Man charged with rape and molestation of young girl, ready to plead


Pago Pago, AMERICAN SAMOA — A 55-year-old man who has being charged for allegedly raping and molesting a 10-year-old girl is ready to plead guilty to the charges against him.

Ioakimo Felise, who is still in custody since the time of his arrest in April of this year, appeared before the High Court yesterday morning for his second pretrial conference. When his case was called, his attorney, Acting Public Defender, Michael White informed the court that they had received discovery and an offer from the government last week about this case, and his client is prepared to enter a guilty plea to the charges against him.

White then requested the court for a 2-week continuance, so that he could discuss the government’s offer more with his client before his client enters his plea.

Prosecutor, Assistant Attorney General, Christy Dunn confirmed to the court that she has already presented to the defense team all the facts about the case along with an offer.

Felise is scheduled to appear before the court on July 19.

The government is accusing Felise of taking the young victim to a mountain in Nu’uuli in April, where he raped her before giving her lunch money. The victim told police that this alleged incident happened multiple times.

When confronted by police, Felise waived his rights and agreed to provide both a verbal and written statement.

Felise allegedly echoed the young girl’s statements and added that he first met the girl in the early part of the previous month, during which time he told her to come with him to the dirt road leading up to the mountains in Nu’uuli.

He allegedly told police that when they reached the top of the mountain, he raped the girl before giving her lunch money.

Felise allegedly told police the sexual encounters took place 3 times the previous month and twice the month of the arrest, and every time afterwards, he always gave her money to buy lunch at school.