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Man faces charges after allegedly assaulting his younger sister

American Samoa District Court

Pago Pago, AMERICAN SAMOA — Tafuna Police Substation received a call on the Juneteenth holiday from a man who reported that his son was causing a disturbance at their residence in Pava’ia’i.

Upon arriving at the scene at 9:27p.m., officers observed a male yelling and screaming profanities at two females later identified as his older sisters. The individual, later identified as Gabriel Tinai, yelled profanities at officers and aggressively told officers that “they were not allowed to come near him or be on the property.”

Officers then attempted to apprehend him, but Tinai pushed one of the officers and ran away. Officers pursued him and successfully arrested and while escorting the defendant to the police patrol unit, he continually attempted to pull away.

Tinai's two sisters were interviewed by officers.

According to both sisters’ statements, the altercation began between Gabriel and their little sister at the residence not far from where officers observed Gabriel when they arrived.

The little sister had kicked the family puppy resulting in Gabriel slapping her across the face and yelling profanities at her as well. The older sisters then told the younger sister that it would be best if she slept at a friend’s house as their brother showed no signs of calming down any time soon.

As she was walking to meet her friend at the roadside, Gabriel grabbed the base of a metal junk fan near the house and attempted to hit his younger sister with it, but the older sisters luckily intervened and prevented him from doing so.

Tinai was then transported to the TPS and Mirandized where he refused to provide a statement.

He was detained and appeared in court on Tuesday, June 20, 2023 for his initial appearance.

He is being charged with 3 criminal counts — 1 count of private peace disturbance, 1 count of assault in the third degree, and 1 count for resisting arrest.

Bail for Tinai was set at $500.