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Man known as “Days” is arrested for drug possession — again

American Samoa District Court building
He told police he got the drugs from his uncle in Pava’ia’i

Pago Pago, AMERICAN SAMOA — A man with a pending drug case in High Court was arrested last week on similar allegations.

Asolelei Tagoa’i, a.k.a. “DAYS”, appeared in District Court last week. He is charged with one count each of unlawful possession of methamphetamine; and unlawful possession of marijuana, both felonies, punishable by 5-10 years in jail, a fine of up to $20K or both.

Bail is set at $25,000 and a preliminary hearing is set for next Thursday.


Early Sunday morning, Oct. 13th, two cops observed a red truck drifting - while speeding - from Iliili to Malaeimi.

The truck was stopped; and as officers tried to approach the vehicle, the driver — later identified as the defendant — drove a few feet away from the area of the initial stop. Before the officers could explain why he was pulled over, Tagoa’i was already wanting answers. He told police that nothing happened while he was driving - he was only trying to reach for a pack of cigarettes that was on the floor.

Tagoa’i was able to provide a driver’s license, when asked for one. However, police say they noticed that Tagoa’i was trying to hide something under the passenger seat. They also claim that there was a strong odor of alcohol coming from inside the truck.

During a field interview — outside of the vehicle — police say Tagoa’i’s hands were shaking and he couldn’t stand still. It appeared to the officers that Tagoa’i was very nervous or hiding something.

Tagoa’i was asked if he had anything illegal on him or inside his vehicle, such as guns or drugs. Tagoa’i said no. When for his consent to a body search and vehicle search, Tagoa’i confessed that he had been drinking with his uncle and he smoked ice at his uncle’s house.

During a body search, Tagoa’i admitted that he had something illegal in the right pocket of his pants. Police found two hand rolled cigarettes which later tested positive for marijuana.

In Tagoa’i’s back pocket was a plastic foil wrap containing a cut straw with a white crystalline substance that appeared to be meth. Police discovered under the passenger seat of Tagoa’i’s vehicle, two glass pipes containing a crystalline substance that later tested positive for meth.

When asked about the drugs, Tagoa’i explained that he was drinking with his uncle in Pava’ia’i and everything they found: 2 hand rolled marijuana cigarettes; 2 glass pipes containing meth, and a cut straw containing meth wrapped with a plastic foil, were given to him by his uncle.

Tagoa’i said that on his way home, he stopped in front of a Futiga store to “smoke from the pipe” and when he was done, he got back on the main road and that’s when he was stopped by police.

Tagoa’i said that because he had just smoked the pipe, he was unable to see the road clearly and there was a moment that he almost lost control of his vehicle. In his statement to police, Tagoa’i said he really needed “some stuff” to help him finish a job at home, and he went to his uncle to buy the “stuff” for him.

Tagoa’i refused to reveal his uncle’s identity.


Tagoa’i was arrested in August  2018 after his vehicle was pulled over for speeding. During a search, officers discovered a small stamp-sized packaged baggie containing meth concealed under Tagoa’i’s seat.

Tagoa’i was released on a $5,000 surety bond under the condition that he remain law abiding, and be alcohol and drug free.